Welcome to Kindermusik in Tucson!


Awaken your child's heart with music! Kindermusik helps children blossom through songs, dance, and instruments! We offer joyful music classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and 5-7 years. 

Treasure a special time with your baby or toddler as you rock and sway, twirl to music. Your preschooler will learn musical concepts like rhythm, melody and beat with a creative class that captures their imagination. Your 5-7 yr old can learn to read music and play  instruments.

Kindermusik's award-winning, research-based programs have brought the joy and power of music to millions of children. Musical Steps has received the Maestro award for 12 years as one of the top 5% of studios worldwide.
See this press release: Tucson's Early Childhood Music / Movement Kindermusik Classes Provide 32 Percent Gain in Language and Literacy Skills Over Control Group. 

Come for a Free Preview  Open House and Free Demo Classes August 16-23

See Our Classes above or call 520-784-4344 to find the perfect class. Your child will soon be asking, "Is it a Kindermusik day?"  

"Kindermusik has brought so much joy to our family!"- Kristy Bonet 


Here's a glimpse into musical development in a Kindermusik class. 


Pediatricians recommend Kindermusik for language development.