Welcome to Kindermusik at Musical Steps!



Awaken your child's heart and mind with music that both you and your child will cherish! We have early childhood music classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and 5-7 year olds. Your child will light up with joyful song and dance, as stimulation of brain, body and heart are nurtured in a caring and warm class environment. 

Kindermusik is the world's leading program for music and movement for young children with fabulous classes for each age and stage of your child's life. Our Musical Steps  is a Maestro studio- one of the top 5% of Kindermusik programs worldwide and Tucson's largest Kindermusik program!

 Come to a free class to experience Kindermusik! Enroll anytime! Watch this video for a glimpse into a Kindermusik class, or visit us on Facebook! Call us at 520-784-4344!