Every day is a new beginning. A chance to help your child develop his or her highest potential and strongest foundation for learning. Your child's journey to success begins here. You are here because you instinctively know what science continues to demonstrate: young children thrive on music.


Experience a Kindermusik music class with your child and see why we are the world's leading music-and-movement program for children in early childhood.

And, as we say, a good beginning never ends.


    Welcome to Kindermusik in Tucson!


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"Kindermusik has been the absolute highlight of our week!

 Both of my boys are always asking, 'do we have Kindermusik today?'  Hearing them spontaneously sing all the songs they've learned has been the icing on the cake"  - Kayla Buck 


Kindermusik sparks the magic of music with songs, dance, and instruments! At Musical Steps, we offer joyful music classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and 5-7 years. 

Treasure a special time with your baby or toddler! Your preschooler will delight in a creative class that captures her imagination. Your 5-7 year old will learn to read music and play three instruments.

Kindermusik's award-winning program have brought the joy and power of music to millions of children. Musical Steps has received the Top Program award for 12 years as one of top 5% of studios worldwide.  

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Your child will soon be asking, "Is it a Kindermusik day?"  


Kindermusik has made our hearts sing!"- Kristy Bonet 


Peek into a Kindermusik class. 


Pediatricians recommend Kindermusik for language development.